Catalog of Services and Mission Statement
The purpose of this website is to display and explain the many services we make available to our clientele. Think of the website as a catalog of our services.

Our clients obtain Quotes, Charts, Market Information, News and information about their Trading Activity either directly from their brokers and/or through our trading platform and via e-mail.  We've developed this website to provide details about our market information, the many services we make available to our customers and to highlight the features and differences between our trade platforms.

Throughout this website are detailed pictures, videos and written explanations. In the Trading Platform section of this website you'll be provided a Signup Link for a Free Trial to both our web based trading platform, Market Center, along with a page to sign up for and download our java based platform, Linn-IraCharts.

There are links to open a trading account along with web pages that display, Current Margins, Exchange Fees, Linn & Associate Market Information, Research and the like. In addition there is a section to view examples of Ira Epstein's Market Research.

Bit of Company History

Over the past 35-years Ira Epstein has developed a reputation for providing clients with easy to use technology and teaching good old fashioned trading know-how. A number of our brokers have over 30-years trading experience. No matter how technology changes the methods of entering orders, there's no replacement for having "been there and done that before". It's the blend of services that brings things together.

Be it education, market information or trading platforms, we provide solutions.

Ira began in the futures markets in 1969. Over the years he worked his way up, starting from the ground up as a "floor runner" culminating with his becoming a Floor Trader. In the mid 1970s Ira decided to make a career shift within the industry to develop both retail and commercial based clientele. His customer base grew to the point whereby in 1984 he founded "Ira Epstein & Company", a trading firm specializing in retail, commercial and self-directed discount futures trading. Along the way Ira became a leader in trading technology out of necessity, due to increased small lot trade volume. He was among the first to embrace the Internet, which as you know has dramatically changed both the way information is delivered and how trading takes place today.

One of the ways Ira, along with his brokers showcase their talents is through e-mails of market information and Ira's "Futures Videos", which can be viewed on our website, through Market Center, Linn-IraChart Software and on YouTube.

2009...a year of change

In 2009 Ira joined The Linn Group, Inc. (LG). LG which was an Independent Introducing Broker, the principals of which Ira had maintained a 35-year relationship with. Through The Linn Group customers were provided with a substantial amount of proprietary market information and trading technology.

The Ira Epstein Division of the Linn Group Inc. placed its customer funds with Wedbush Securities, Inc..

2015...Linn & Associates

Commencing June 2015 Linn & Associates began business as an Independent IB owned by the sons of Gordie Linn. Linn & Associates is the new face that Ira Epstein customers deal with going forward.

Trading Technology

Ira and Gordie Linn, the Chairman of The Linn Group, Inc. have spent decades developing Trading Platforms. We provide both a java based platform called Linn-IraCharts and a web based one called Market Center. Linn-IraCharts was designed for the trader who demands practically every bell and there is. Market Center is much less complicated while offering the features most traders need and use. If you have a different software preference, no problem, as the odds are your vendor needs to simply throw a switch in the background to route your orders through us. We route orders through CQG's trading network.

Be sure to look at the many features each of our systems provides under Trading Platforms.

Client Focus

We constantly develop new products and services that caters to our customer base. It matters not whether you are a Self-Directed, Broker Assisted or a Managed Account Customer. We've focused for years on those who wish to improve or simply learn about trading via our Chatrooms and Ira's "Charting Course" our in-house charting school that teaches chart analysis.

Our commissions are highly competitive while our trading technology and delivery of market information has few peers.

Try our products out...........

We offer a Free Trial to all our products and market information. We encourage you to try them out and see for yourself.