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Ira Epstein's Twice Daily Futures Market Information....Read, Listen and View

Twice each business day Ira publishes his Futures Market Trade Recommendations and Commentary ....delivered instantly by e-mail and/or telephone as he publishes them

All you need is access to a telephone or smart phone or computer to receive instant updates

Included in the subscription package is access to Ira's recorded Webinars....
In these Webinars, which Ira typically records 3-5 times a week, you are showed in detail how Ira uses the following technical studies to determine trade recommendations:


Moving Averages

Slow Stochastics

Bollinger Bands

Window Envelopes

Entry Point, Stop-Out Point and Profit Objectives are updated twice daily for existing and new trade recommendations.

Markets covered include:

Stock Indices, Currencies, Interest Rate Futures, Gold, Silver, Copper, Live Stock, Grains, Soft Commodities and Energy Markets

Subscriptions are broken down as follows:

Those maintaining a funded trading account with us..... $40 per 30-days
If you don't maintain a funded trading account with us...$60 per 30-days