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Free Offerings

We're continually rotating our Free Introductory Offerings 

First offering: The combination of Market Focus and Futures Magazine

  • Market Focus…is sent Daily via e-mail. Think of it as a daily magazine on the futures and commodity markets
  • Market Focus publishes news stories related to the day's current market moving events along with articles explaining technical analysis


And Futures Magazine…sent out 10 times a year

  • Sent out via e-mail or post in the continental US
  • Sent only via e-mail outside the continental US


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Our Second Offering is our Futures Trading Kit


Each Introductory Kit includes:

  • Market Center and Linn-IraCharts...our java and web based charting software packages
  • QT Mobile...quotes, charts, news and order entry over your Smartphone
  • History of Futures
  • Market Overview
  • 12 Popular Chart Patterns
  • Money Management Explanation
  • Market Analysis
  • Intro to Option
  • 25-proven Option Strategies
  • Ira Epstein's Charting School
  • Exchange Brochures
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis, Volumes 1 and 2
  • QT Mobile
  • and if you desire, sample Ira's Trade Recommendations  and Webinars for 10-Days

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Our Third Offering...20-Day Free Access to Ira's Market Information


Ira's Market Information

Each 20-Day Free Trial includes:

  • At least two Twice Daily Written Updates
  • Special Daily Updates issued intraday
  • Specific Buy, Sell, Profit and Stop Orders
  • Updates sent via e-mail with text notification that an update is ready for viewing
  • You can opt of of text messages
  • Twice Daily Oral updates phoned to a phone of your choice. You can opt out.
  • Access to Ira's Webinars. This is where Ira reviews 40-charts at time by recording his computer screen and describing what he sees
  • Webinar access can only be viewed by paid subscribers, but you have 10-day access

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Our Fourth Offering is "Swingline Study Videos and Charting Software"



Swingline Study Videos and Charting Software includes

  • Two videos on how to use Swinglines
  • Use of charting software to plot and see how they work
  • Detailed explanation of theory of Swinglines
  • Swinglines help to define trends and risks until trend is broken

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Our Fifth Offering.. "Free Trial to Market Center and


Market Center

Market Center

  • This is a web based (HTML5) chart, quote, trading and news platform
  • Works on all PCs, Tablets and Smartphones
  • Please look under Trading Platforms for a more complete description


  • This is a Java based platform that requires a download
  • Works on PCs along with Mac Computers
  • Quotes, charts, paper trading platform, real time trading platform, news
  • Please look under Trading Platforms for a complete description

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Our Sixth Offering.. "Free Trial to Price Count"


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Our Seventh Offering.. "Linn Fundamental Grain/Oilseed Chart Review"


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