News & Weather

News and Weather Choices​


  • Included in both Market Center and Linn-IraCharts is QT News.
  • QT News provides concise headline stories on events moving the Futures Markets.
  • Subscribers to Linn-IraCharts can add Dow Jones Newswire to their QT-News Package.


On our website we provide access to local weather.

However, in both Market Center and Linn-IraCharts you’ll be using QT Weather which is a very advanced weather service, specific to the commodity markets.

  • Radar updates every 10-minutes for all of the US
  • Satellite Imagery covering the world with emphasis on storm information
  • Temperatures for the Cornbelt in the US and Canada
  • Heat Indexes in the US
  • Seasonal Temperature Outlook in North America
  • Upper Air Anomolies in the US
  • Soil Conditions in the US updated Daily, Monthly and Weekly
  • World Soil Conditions
  • La Nina and El Nino Conditions