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What Price Counts Do

Price Counts can help determine market direction and macro risk. It can help develop attitudes about where a market might consolidate. Price counts can also suggest defined risk points for buying and selling a market.


A New Technical Analysis Tool

Price Counts are calculated off an initial leg of a new trend and are used to help in the projection of one or more objectives in the direction of the new trend. The idea behind the tool is to provide the user with an idea of how far an initial leg of a price move might carry subsequent legs and yes, there is also a rule provided that nullifies Price Counts. Price Counts can also help in trying to figure out where where market consolidation levels might take place.

No tool is perfect. Rather, when combined with other chart tools, the "Rule of Plenty", this tool provides the user with yet another tool in determining price projections.

We've created a free 10-page PDF that describes in detail how Price Counts work. We discuss what activates them along with what negates them. The PDF includes pages of numerous examples.

You'll even receive a "Chart of the Day", sent out daily via e-mail that provides you with new PriceCounts daily.

There's little point in being taught a new indicator if you can't try it out yourself. To go along with this Free Offering, we'll provide you with free access to our charting software if you haven't used it before so that you can use the study and see for yourself how it works.

There are no downloads as the charting software is web based.

In addition, our staff can also setup a Join.Me Meeting to teach you in but 5 or so minutes how to plot the chart study.

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