Trading Tools and Resources

  • Daily Linn & Associates Market Research sent via e-mail or accessed through our chart, quote and trading platforms.
  • Live Streaming Globex and NYMEX Quotes included in Linn-IraCharts Silver, Gold and Platinum Versions as well as in our web based Market Center Software
  • Linn-IraCharts Gold and Platinum Versions contain advanced Options Strategies
  • Linn-IraCharts Gold and Platinum Versions allow for a practically unlimited number of individual Chart Pages
  • Pit Traded Contracts can be displayed using either Live or Delayed Quotes
  • Historical and Daily Chart Data going back over 30-years included in all versions of Linn-IraCharts and Market Center
  • Linn-IraCharts contains a "Paper Trading Module" for you to practice order entry
  • Futuresline, which plays audio commentary through Linn-IraCharts and Market Center.
  • Market Center subscriptions include Futuresline while Linn-IraCharts charges a subscription fee for this service.
  • There is a page in both platforms to recall previously recorded Futuresline updates
  • Sophisticated Weather Pages that are updated every 10-minutes are included with Market Center Subscriptions
  • Fixed Format Quote Pages are provided in versions of our software
  • Size of Bids and Offers are displayed
  • Market Center provides for numerous Custom Quote Pages including options, spreads and outright futures
  • Linn-IraCharts version silver, gold and platinum provide Custom Quote Pages
  • The Platinum Version of Linn-IraCharts also has Price Ladders
  • Working Order and Filled Orders are displayed
  • Account Balance along with Margin used is displayed
  • Linn-IraCharts displays before you offset your gross profit or loss
  • Dow Jones, Reuters and QT News Packages are available by subscription
  • Access to Ira Epstein's Market Information Page, available in all both Market Center and Linn-IraCharts
  • Delayed Individual Stock and ETF Quotes are provide FREE, in Linn Silver, Gold and Platinum Versions

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