Broker Assisted Accounts

We maintain a knowledgeable Personal Brokerage Department. Your Personal Broker can act as your eyes and ears in the marketplace, consult with you as often as needed to help make trading easier for you, while tailoring a brokerage commission that will be based on your specific trading style and needs.

Self-directed Discount Accounts

Our everyday low commissions are amongst the lowest in the industry. You'll be surprised at just how low they can be! If you are a Self-Directed Trader, trading online and doing volume, the commission rate for fully electronic markets can be as low as $1 per-side, plus industry standard "Exchange and NFA Fees".

We provide deep discount commission with service. Keep in mind that low commissions are by no means a guarantee of profit. Rather, they are but part of the trading arsenal we provide.

Why trade with us?

Because as a team, our philosophy is to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Our brokers are here to help and guide you with your trades. When you call us - you speak to a person, not an automated phone system. Our staff operates from the Chicago Board of Trade Building to offer real assistance from the center of the commodities industry, when you need it.

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