We maintain a knowledgeable Personal Brokerage Department. Your Personal Broker can act as your eyes and ears in the marketplace, consult with you as often as needed to help make trading easier for you, while tailoring a brokerage commission that will be based on your specific trading style and needs.

Our everyday low commissions are amongst the lowest in the industry. You'll be surprised at just how low they can be! If you are a Self-Directed Trader, trading online and doing volume, the commission rate for fully electronic markets can be as low as $1 per-side, plus industry standard "Exchange and NFA Fees".

Keep in mind that low commissions are by no means a guarantee of profit. Rather, they are but part of the trading arsenal we provide.

Our Managed Account Division researches CTAs based on a strict criteria of historical trading, past actual profitability along with an emphasis on limited draw-downs in customer equity.

We strive to avoid the short-term "hot traders of the day". Rather, we focus on finding CTAs that have had historically profitable trading results. It is very important that each trader realizes that no one can forecast or guarantee future profits. The past profitable trading history of a CTA does not in itself guarantee future profits.

If you already have someone you want to manage your funds, we can work with you to setup your account and have that person trade it.

It's easy to open an account. Simply click here to begin.

Once you complete and electronically sign the New Account Documents,  a copy will automatically be e-mailed to you. It's a good idea to call your account representative so that they know what you'v done.

Once the form is completed, our Compliance Department begins their review. Assuming no further information is needed, expect a fast turn-around as we set up your trading account. Should further clarification be needed, your broker will contact you at the number you provided in your account document. Upon account approval,  one of our staff will call you with your Account Number and if you are placing your own trades, your User ID and Access code to do so. The whole  process typically takes very little time.

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Should you require assistance, call us at 1-800-977-2073 during daytime business hours between 8:00 AM CDT and 6:00 PM CDT.

Send us an e-mail with any questions you may have.

The risk of loss in trading commodities can be substantial. Trading Futures is not suitable for everyone.