Client Subscription

If you have a funded trading account with the Ira Epstein Division of the Linngroup, Inc. this is the page you use to subscribe to Ira Epstein's Daily Updates.

When you click the "Subscribe Button" you will be directed to a secure credit card connection. The initial monthly subscription fee is for 30 days. Each subscription thereafter is for 30 calendar days and includes:

  • Twice Daily Written Updates...e-mailed to you as Ira publishes them
  • Text Message Notices of when Ira publishes his written updates, Videos and Webinars
  • Access to Ira's recorded Webinars. It is here where Ira reviews 35-40 charts, several times a week
  • Invitations to join Ira's Free Live Chatrooms
  • Access to Ira's Videos on financial and metal markets
  • Access to Ira's Oral Updates, published twice daily. These can be called to your phone number as Ira records them or can be listened to via the above software products
  • Copies of Ira's regularly published Gold Report
  • Special Intraday Updates

After you enter and complete your credit card information, you will be redirected to a web-page where you enter both the telephone number and e-mail address you want Ira's Updates delivered to.

For your convenience and continuity, your subscription will automatically renew after a 30 day period. Billing for the next 30 day subscription will occur as your current subscription expires.

To delete your subscription call 1-866-973-2077 and speak with one of our representatives. Delivery of both the oral and e-mailed updates will cease at the end of the 30 day period your paid subscription expires and is not renewed.

*The term "client" refers to any entity that has a currently funded traded account with the Ira Epstein Division of The Linn Group

Client 30-Day Subscription: $40.00

Returns-Refund Policy

There is no refund on this product. If you are a monthly subscriber it is incumbent upon you to stop your monthly billing. As your subscription cycle runs out we will stop providing access to the products to which you subscribed.