What is Ira Epstein's Charting Course?

Ira Epstein’s Charting Course

The course is designed to teach the concepts of:

  • Swinglines
  • Moving Averages
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Slow Stochastics

As our students view our videos, they will see how each chapter builds on the prior one, teaching them how to combine the above indicators together to formulate a trading strategy the takes into account:

  • Trends
  • Dollar Risk
  • Profit Objectives

I believe in teaching by showing what I do and having my students do the same thing. As they do “the same thing” they start understanding why they’re doing what they’re doing and how these concepts work.

Can I download the course to my computer?

Internet Connectivity

The chapters and access to the course are only available via internet connection. There is no CD or DVD of the course available.

The rationale behind this setup in part has to do with charting software that requires an internet connection along with student internet access to Ira’s Morning Subscriber Video, a series of Daily Videos and access to his live Webinar which all require internet connectivity.

The computer you initially use to access the course with is the one that will be registered to view the videos.

If you need additional computer access, contact us at 866-973-2077 or write iepstein@linnllc.com

Will purchasers of the course receive anything via regular post mail?

No. Unlike past courses where we had to ship out material and charge a shipping and handling fee, by our moving to an online course format we are able to save you both time and money.

Money is saved via no charge for handling or postage, which was expensive. Time is saved as course access takes place once you receive your User ID and Password along with instructions on how to access the webpage where course resides. This is sent out to you at the time of your credit card charge is approved, generally within 24-hours of time of purchase.

Does my access to view the course expire?


Length of Course Access

The course is designed to be completed in at most, a couple of weeks. Those who have the time can complete it in but a couple of days. However, speed is not the goal. Learning is the goal which means repetition is needed to embed our concepts into your thinking.

Access to the course’s videos initially runs for 30-calendar days.

At the end of 30-days, additional time can be purchased online.

Do I need charting software to use this course?


Charting Software

We typically provide a Free 30-day trial to our charting software.

There are two charting software packages that we can provide.

  • Java Based Linn-IraCharts
  • Web Based QT Market Center

The course videos use the Java based Linn-IraCharts and are the charts I prefer you use.

If you’ve already had a Free Trial to our software in the past 12-months, we cannot provide you with free access again. You can however subscribe for a one month period. Charting software subscriptions do not run on a daily basis but rather on a calendar day basis.

Go to the Charting Software section to learn more.

What is Ira's Morning Subscriber Review?

Ira’s Morning Review for Subscribers

Ira regularly records a Morning Subscriber Video in which he reviews approximately 40-charts, going over in detail what is taught in the Charting Course while pointing out trade setups as taught in the course’s videos.

The Morning Subscriber Video also offers a number of trade ideas for those who wish to be more aggressive in their approach to the market.

Recordings are typically posted Monday-Friday at approximately 9:00 AM CST.

Access to view the Morning Subscriber Video requires requires an active subscription to Ira's Market Research.

When you first login, our website will attempt to insert a “cookie” in your web browser so that you need not enter your User ID and Password each time you come back for a viewing. If you’ve setup your web browser to not accept cookies, that’s fine. Simply enter the User ID and Password manually each time to view the videos and access certain webpages.

Access to the Morning Review Video initially runs the same duration as that of your course purchase, which is 30-calendar days.

Once the 30-days run out, simply elect to become a Subscriber to Ira Epstein’s Market Research, which includes access to this video and along with access to Ira’s commentaries and trade recommendations. See the next section for more information on Ira's Market Research

What is Ira's Market Research?

Ira’s Market Research

Access for 30-calendar days is included with Charting Course purchases.

Subscriptions to Ira’s Research include:

  • Daily Written Recommendations start on Sunday night, running through Friday’s trade
  • Special Updates can be and are issued as needed. These can initiate new trade recommendations or modify existing trade recommendations
  • The Daily Written Recommendations typically include market commentary as well as current trade recommendations.
  • Course purchasers will start to receive the written commentary during the last 15-calendar days of their course purchase
  • The Morning Subscriber Video is where Ira reviews 40 or so charts, explaining his use of:
    • Swinglines
    • Moving Averages
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Slow Stochastics
  • Oral Updates:
    • Ira records oral updates twice daily, Monday through Thursday. In addition one recording is published on Friday morning and one on Sunday evening.
    • Oral Updates include market commentary and specific trade recommendations
    • Oral updates are typically called into your phone at approximately 11:30 AM, Monday through Friday and before 8:15 PM Sunday Evening CST
    • Oral updates on work in the continental USA
    • If you miss the call, simply look at your missed phone messages and do a call back from the same phone the call was made to. If you call from another phone the recorded message will not play.
    • You can opt-out of receiving the oral updates at any time by clicking the #1 key when prompted to do so.
    • If you click number one by accident or stop receiving calls, simply call us and we can fix the issue.
  • It doesn’t matter when your subscription begins as subscriptions are on a 30-day basis, not a monthly one.
  • Daily Chart Numbers:
    • As you’ll see in the Charting Course, one of the profit taking tools we teach is that of Window Envelopes. Window Envelopes are made up of multiple numbers. A webpage has been created for you to obtain those numbers from. As needed these numbers are updated several times a day. Access to these is included in your course purchase for 30-days.

Ira’s Market Research is included in the Course Purchase

  • Included FREE for 30-days in Charting Course purchase but written and oral updates only occur in last 15-days. Morning Subscriber Review and access to Daily Number is for full 30-days

After 30-day Free access to Ira’s Research Ends the Cost of Ira’s Research is:

  • If you maintain a funded traded account with Ira Epstein Division of Linn & Associates $40 per 30-days
  • Don’t maintain a funded trading account with Ira Epstein Division of Linn & Associates $60 per 30-days