Are you questioning your trade selections?


At approximately 6:00 AM CDT, Ira opens his computer and begins recording a live review of what he sees taking place in 40+ charts. The charts are reviewed in the following sequence, making it easy for subscribers to jump the to categories they want to view, or simply view them all.

In these videos Ira offers his ideas on what the chart action looks like, what he thinks "active traders" might be doing along with providing specific trade ideas including specific entry and exit points.

  • Stock Indices
  • Foreign Currencies
  • Interest Rate Futures
  • Meat Markets
  • Grains
  • Soft Commodities
  • Energies

The goal is to provide you with a current update of chart analysis, recorded at 6:00 AM CDT, when most futures markets are open. Typically the video is posted before 7:00 AM CDT.

By design, the 30-Day cost of a subscription is very low, often less than a minimal tick in futures markets.


Get started for just $7.95 for your first 30 days.

That's only about 26¢ a day!

There is no pressure or obligation to continue past your first 30 Days, but if you do it's just $15 every 30 Days thereafter. Cancel anytime.

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What you get


Access to Ira's Morning Subscriber Video

View the video each weekday morning via your smartphone, with our free QT Mobile application or from your PC or tablet via Ira's website.

Includes Free Access to QT Mobile

Download QT Mobile on your smartphone and access Ira's Morning Subscriber video as well as charting with delayed quotes and many other resources. Receive Push Notifications as Ira releases his video along with e-mail alerts. A $40 value - yours free.

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