Exchange Quote Fees

Note: If you currently have a funded trading account with us or another firm you might be eligible to reduce or eliminate the proposed live exchange quote fees listed below.  When you speak with our staff they will ask you some questions to find out if you are "grandfathered" according to exchange rules. As it now stands, most of the fees below aren't scheduled to kick in until January 1, 2015.

Delayed Quote Fees

Live Quote Fees

Exchange Fees
CBOT with KCBOT (Globex) $85.00
CME (Globex) $85.00
CME E-Mini (Globex) $40.00
KCBOT (Globex) $25.00
NYMEX (Globex) $85.00
COMEX (Globex) $85.00
MGE $30.00
CBOT Mini Real-Time $20.00
ICE - US Futures $85.00
ICE - Canada Futures $20.00


As an “add-on” feature for those who choose to use Free delayed quotes, they can also view live quotes by using a feature called “Snapshot Quotes”. These quotes are only available on Globex markets.

"Snapshot" Live Globex Quotes are available in Market Center for $25.00 (1,000 refreshes per month additional refreshes are 2 cents per quote)

Snapshot fees only apply to users using Delayed Quotes who sign up for the Snapshot feature in Market Center.

*Exchange Fees for real time quotes are determined by individual futures exchanges. The exchanges do not prorate their fees, they are charged by the calendar month. We have some solutions to keep exchange fees down which we can discuss with you.