Service Charges

FedEx Fees and Handling Charge
FedEx Overnight Fee 50.00
FedEx 2-Day Delivery Fee 40.00
FedEx Saturday Delivery Fee 75.00
FedEx Overnight Fee to Canada 85.00
FedEx Overnight International Fee 110.00
Check and Wire Fees
Domestic Wire Fee 50.00
International Wire Fee 55.00
Stop Payment Fee on Checks 100.00
Returned Check Fee 125.00
Do not mail funds to the BMO Harris in care of Wedbush Securities. Should you do so instead of mailing your deposit direct to Ira Epstein Division of Linn & Associates, there will be a Fee Charge to your account for the unnecessary research time associated with finding and having those funds deposited to your trading account 30.00
ACH Fee 0.00
Treasury Bill Fees
Purchase and/or Sale of T-Bills 75.00
Roll-Over of T-Bills 75.00
Selling Fee for T-Bills 75.00
Transfer Fees
Transfer of T-Bills to another firm 75.00
Transfer of Account to another firm 100.00
Mailing Fees
Mailing Fees...these fees can be completely eliminated by allowing Linn & Associates to e-mail your account statements to you.
Mailing of Statements in the USA 2.00
Mailing of Statements outside of the USA 3.00
Duplicate Statement sent by E-Mail NC
Duplicate Mailing of Statements in the USA 2.00
Duplicate Mailing of Statements outside of the USA 3.00
Taking or Making Delivery of Futures Contracts Fees
The is an additional cost of taking delivery, in addition to additional commission charges, re-delivery charges, storage charges and the like per contract 225.00
Night Desk Fees
Night Trading Desk Phone Charge. This fee is a $10 fee for each quote obtained and for each phone call into our Night Desk. This fee will be charged to customers who call the Night Desk for any reason. This fee DOES NOT APPLY to electronic orders placed by customers, which require no assistance by our Night Trading Desk Personnel 10.00
Night Trade Desk Charge...charged per order and is applied only if the contract is filled in the evening session originating from a phoned in Night Desk Order 7.00
In addition to the above Night Trade Desk Charge on orders phoned in at night, there is a Contract Charge per filled contract on orders that originate from phone calls placed into the into the Night Trade Desk. This fee does not apply for orders placed electronically at night by customers that require no assistance by our Night Trading Desk Personnel 1.50/Contract
Exchange for Physical Fee
EFP Charges - per side 10.00
Document Fee
Production cost for document retrieval. Should you require us to reproduce a document for you, there are two fees associated with each document 10.00 + 2.00/Page
Maintenance Fee
A Maintenance Fee may be charged to customer accounts who maintain an average net trading equity cash balance, including T-Bills, of less than $2500 and do no trading in a calendar month. The fee is $13.00 for each calendar month that meets this criteria. 13.00
Currency Conversion
Currency Conversion 30.00