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When you place an Open or Good Until Cancelled Order (GTC), it generally remains in effect in the specific trading session in which it was placed until filled or cancelled. There are, however, exceptions, depending on the contract market traded. Please, ask your order clerk for specifics. It is your responsibility to know what sessions your orders are working and may be executed.

Placing another order in the same futures contract does not automatically negate the previous one. You must direct either the electronic order entry system or if you work with a broker, the broker to cancel that order.

All customers are invited to phone in orders between the hours of 5:00 AM Central time through 8:00 PM Central time, even if you primarily use our online electronic order entry system for order placement. We realize that no one is always in front of their computer and that our customers at times want or need to place their orders with our order desk personnel. However, when doing so, make it your practice to tell the person you're speaking to what orders you have working on the electronic order entry platform.

Occasionally you may need to leave an order on the voice mail of your trade desk or personal broker. All orders left on voice mail are left on a NOT HELD basis. We will check items such as margin verification, order correctness along with many other items that could prevent order placement. Therefore it is imperative that you leave a phone number for our broker to reach you at should there be a problem with placement of your order. It is your duty, not ours, to check to be sure that we have received and reviewed your voicemail.

On the business day following the execution of an order, we will mail you either by post or via e-mail, written confirmation containing the details of your transaction. The mailing method is dependent on you signing up or not for e-mailing of your account statements. Signing up for e-mail statements is both wise and cost saving. Our typical account saves at least $2 per statement sent via regular post by using e-mail.

Please review your statements carefully. In the unlikely event of an error, it is your duty to immediately report any differences to us. You will also receive an end of the month detailed statement. Your failure to immediately exercise your right to have errors corrected will be deemed your agreement that this statement is correct and ratified.

Market quotes are provided by the various exchanges through service vendors to subscribers. LINN & ASSOCIATES DOES NOT ORIGINATE QUOTES. We simply pass along the quote information provided to us. Not all vendors report quotes from the various market sessions in the same way. Linn-IraCharts and QT Market Center also do so via the Internet. We do not guarantee the accuracy of quote information provided through Linn-IraCharts, QT Market Center or other sources.

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