E-Mail, Text and through Trading Platforms

Technology is constantly changing and with it the means of delivering information to our customers.  For example, Self-Directed Accounts can receive e-mails of the order(s) they place along with an e-mail when fill on orders takes place. Few Self-Directed traders have their trading platforms on 24-hours a day, but many have their smart phones or computers on most hours of the day. Check your e-mail often? Your trade orders can be there.

When notification of an important event or a piece of market information becomes available, you can elect to receive a text and/or e-mail notification of it, eliminating "guessing" on your part as to whether an event occurred.

For those whose subscribe to Ira Epstein's Market Information, they can receive notification of when the information is published via text and read the information via an e-mail or in one of our trading platforms.

For customers who place their own orders on our trading platforms, we provide "Trade Order Previews" so that you can review trade orders prior to their being transmitted.

Broker Assisted Accounts

Our brokers use a combination of telephones and e-mails when working with their accounts. The reason a person generally works one-on-one with a broker is the interactive relationship the customer desires to establish. This means telephone conversations and e-mails.

Market information, due to its timeliness and ease of delivery is sent via e-mail.

Broker Assisted Accounts and Self-Direct Accounts can elect to receive copies of trade statements either by e-mail or via post.