Learning to chart was never more comprehensive!

Ira believes in using simplicity to teach. By learning five foundational skills and practicing with repetition you can become a chartist. In his course Ira lays out these lessons with animations and then follows up with actual demonstrations on real charts. You can follow along with charting software to do exactly as he does.

Ira's Five Step Method

  1. Swinglines
  2. Moving Averages
  3. Slow Stochastics
  4. Bollinger Bands
  5. Window Envelopes

A Closer Look

The five foundational skills every trader should know


Years ago, Ira developed the Swingline indicator to teach his son to easily identify and read trends in the market. Now you can learn this same technique right from Ira and apply it to your own charts. Never miss out on correctly identifying trend in a market.

Moving Averages

Moving Averages are a keystone of what Ira teaches. In the course, Ira teaches you what a moving average is, how to plot it on your charts and most importantly how to use it in combination with other indicators and signals to make informed decisions. His course covers both short term and longer term moving averages.

Slow Stochastics

Slow Stochastics is the tool Ira uses to measure market momentum. Ira has developed his own system for interpreting Slow Stochastics and applying them to technical analysis. Learn from him how to use Slow Stochastics when you are planning your trades.

Bollinger Bands

If you're not using Bollinger Bands in your technical analysis, you may not be predicting support and resistance levels as well as you can. Ira learned how to use Bollinger Bands from the creator himself, John Bollinger, and now you can learn them directly from Ira. They are considered an integral part of technical analysis that every trader should know.

Window Envelopes

Support and resistance levels can be predicted using a number of chart tools. Window Envelopes are a tool that helps you to execute a market exit strategy. Ira teaches you how to work with them, what they imply and how to place them on your charts. With some practice you too can master this aggressive trading tool. Provided in Ira's Research are technical numbers that Ira updates daily which you can plug into your own charts and use Window Envelopes.

What's Included

Instant Access to Ira's 54 Charting Course Videos

Once the course is purchased you can instantly log into the website to view the 54 video chapters. Your purchase gets you 30-Days of access, after which you may purchase additional time if needed. You can view the complete chapter listing here.

Instant Access to a Trial of Ira's Market Research

Assuming you are not already a subscriber to Ira's Market Research, you will, with the course, have 30-Days access to the research. You will be able to view Ira's Morning Subscriber Video, Written Recommendations, his Daily Chart Numbers and more. Click here to learn more about Ira's Market Research.

A Trial of our Charting Software

If you have not recently had a trial, you are entitled to a 30-Day trial of LinnIra Charts, our Java based charting software, or QT Market Center, our web-based charting software. You can learn more about LinnIra Charts here, and more about QT Market Center here. In addition you can visit the Charting Software FAQ.