What's a good trade idea worth?

The odds are that your broker, advisory service, publication or whatever doesn't tie up Futures Market Recommendations with written and video commentary.

If you're like so many others, you probably have your own trade ideas, but may need confirmation from something to initiate it. Maybe the combination of the videos, research and trade ideas we present will get you over that hump.

What goes into our trade recommendation?

Fundamental and technical research

Specific entry price

Price Objective

Stop Orders that moves with market action

The Morning Subscriber Video

The information you need every morning

Most of you don't start out your trading day reviewing a video that explains the day's trade recommendations, reasons for them, objectives and so on.

Our clients do.

At 7:00 AM CST our clients review a video that spits off specific trades covering the following:

  • Stock Indices
  • Currencies
  • Interest Rates
  • Metal Markets
  • Grains
  • Meat Markets
  • Soft Commodities (cocoa, coffee, sugar)
  • Energy Markets