Complete control over how you trade

Linn-Ira Charts is highly customizable for your needs.

Streaming Real-Time Quotes

We provide fast access to the market to make sure you stay on top of what's happening. You can set Price Alerts and Trading Alarms to always be a step ahead.

“Point and Click” Trading

See your Order Entry, Orders Working/Pending and Net Position. Quickly and Easily Review Your Positions/Orders and “Marked to the Market” Balances.

Data for Making Decisions

View & Edit Charts along with over 160 Technical Studies. View Advanced Option Studies with “Greeks”. Access Historical Data on our charts.

Customize Your Workspace

Customize Your Workspaces for Quotes and Charts. In addition to charts with customizable technical studies we also provide Advanced Drawing Tools for Charts.

Customization is King

Charting Tailored to Your Needs

Customization is king with Linn-Ira Charts. You can create custom quote boards, custom pages to track your marked to the market positions and orders, and custom charts with drawing tools. When it comes to charting, you will be hard pressed to find a better or more comprehensive solution. Linn-Ira Charts offers over 160 indicators and studies, including Ira’s Swingline study, all fully customizable to suit your workflow.

If you have a funded trading account with us you can even access Linn & Associates Research right from the application. The same goes if you are subscriber to Ira’s Market Research.

Pit Traded Contracts can be displayed using either Live or Delayed Quotes. Historical and Daily Chart Data going back over 30-years included in all versions of Linn-Ira Charts. Linn-Ira Charts even contains a "Paper Trading Module" for you to practice order entry.

For a small subscription fee, you can hear Futuresline, which plays audio commentary from different sources and staff through Linn-Ira Charts. Futuresline keeps you in know as you are working and trading on the platform.

Working Order and Filled Orders are displayed. Your Account Balance along with Margin used is displayed. Linn-Ira Charts can also display your account values before you offset your gross profit or loss.

Dow Jones, Reuters and QT News Packages are also available by subscription.

Join the ranks of professional traders who choose Linn-Ira Charts as their go-to platform.

Designed for use with
Drawing Tools for Charts
Ellipse Drawing Tool for Charts
Rectangle Drawing Tool for Charts
PL Calculator drawing tools
Drawing Tools Fibonacci Extensions
Drawing Cyclic Arc Primitive
Ray Drawing Tool for Charts
Speed Resistance Arc Drawing Tool for Charts
Speed Resistance Fan Drawing Tool for Charts
Gann Fann Drawing Tool for Charts
Fibonacci Arc Drawing Tool for Charts
Fibonacci Fan Drawing Tool for Charts
Andrew's Pitchfork Drawing Tool for Charts
Chart Studies
Bollinger Bands
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
Relative Strength Index
Simple Moving Average
Slow Stochastic
Volume & Open Interest
Pivot Point
Williams' %R